Check or Money Order? As an option for customers who do not wish to order online using a credit card, BDK America is happy to take your order directly. 

We ask you to contact us to complete your order, by phone, email, fax, or mail. In this way you can complete an order using check or money order for payment, or for supplying credit card information by means other than the internet.

Please also use these contact points for institutional orders in bulk, such as from a bookstore.

Phone: 925-388-0067
Fax:     925-388-0331
Mail:    See mailing address at bottom of page.

Our sales specialists will help you complete your order.

However, if you wish to continue with the convenience of ordering online with a credit card, please use the "back" arrow of the browser window to return to the catalog page and again choose the "Add to cart" option.

Then choose the option to "Continue on with UHP." BDK America partners with the University of Hawaii Press to take and process all online orders using credit cards.