Rev. Dr. Numata felt supporting Buddhist studies at the major universities of the world, and having aspiring students and future world leaders learn about Buddhism, would be effective in helping to create a truly peaceful world.

Numata Programs in Buddhist Studies have been established in the United States at the University of California, Berkeley; Harvard University; University of Chicago; Smith College; University of Hawaii, UCLA, and the Institute of Buddhist Studies. Outside of the USA, Numata programs have been established at the University of Toronto, McMaster University, McGill University and University of Calgary in Canada. In the United Kingdom at Oxford and London Universities; at Leiden University in the Netherlands; at Vienna University in Austria, and Hamburg University in Germany.


The following Buddhist scholars currently support and advise Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (BDK) on the Numata Programs and other academic programs sponsored by BDK as members of the Numata Program in Buddhist Studies Advisory & Coordinating Committee. (Affiliated institutions are listed for identification purposes only.)

Prof. Wendy Adamek (Calgary)
Prof. Dan Arnold (Chicago)
Prof. James Benn (McMaster)
Prof. Lara Braitstein (McGill)
Prof. Robert Buswell (UCLA)
Prof. Jin Hua Chen (UBC)
Prof. Christoph Emmrich (Toronto)
Prof. Phyllis Granoff (Yale)
Prof. Janet Gyatso (Harvard)
Prof. Jamie Hubbard (Smith)
Prof. Scott Mitchell (IBS)
Prof. Michel Mohr (Hawaii)
Prof. Robert Sharf (UC Berkeley)
Prof. Koichi Shinohara (Yale)
Prof. Stephen Teiser (Princeton)
Prof. Christian Wedemeyer (Chicago)

Prof. Emeritus Neil McMullin (Toronto)
Prof. Emeritus George Tanabe (Hawaii)