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A Forest of Pearls from the Dharma Garden Volume VI


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A Forest of Pearls from the Dharma Garden (Fayuan zhulin, T. 2122)
is a large anthology of thematically arranged excerpts from Buddhist

canonical sources and historical records, attributed to the seventh-
century monk Daoshi. Most of the scriptural passages were taken

from Indian Buddhist scriptures translated into Chinese; the settings
of their narratives are for the most part Indian. The historical records
excerpted in the collection are of Chinese origin, and their settings
are Chinese. In addition, a set of miracle stories is appended at the
end of each chapter, devoted to one of the one hundred topics around
which the collection is organized. These ganying yuan, “stories of

cosmic responses,” about events reported in China correlate to spe-
cific scriptural accounts set in India, and carry the distinct message

that the occurrence of such miraculous events illustrate the efficacy
in China of the practices described in scriptures. The principal sources
for these miracle stories were collections of monastic biographies
and a variety of miracle story collections.
A Forest of Pearls presents a comprehensive and distinctive reading

of the Buddhist canon focused on practice, and offers an extraordi-
narily rich account of Buddhist practices. The principal practice of

“paying respect to,” or worshiping, the Three Jewels (Buddha,
Dharma, and Sangha) occupies an important place in the collection.
The translation of the complete text of the Fayuan zhulin will be
published in multiple volumes. Volumes I–III, translated by Koichi
Shinohara, were published in 2019–2020. Volumes IV–V, translated
by Harumi Ziegler, were published in 2020 and 2022. Volume VI,
translated by Harumi Ziegler, includes Fascicles 35–40, Chapters 30–37.

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Dimensions9.5 × 6.5 × 1.5 in
Publishing Date2024
AuthorHarumi Hirano Ziegler
TranslatorHarumi Hirano Ziegler