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Expository Commentary on the Vimalakīrti Sutra


Complete in one volume, here is one of three Buddhist commentaries written in classical Chinese that have been attributed to Japan’s Prince Shōtoku (574–622). Shōtoku looks to the Vimalakīrti Sutra (also published by BDK) perhaps in part because the status of the protagonist Vimalakīrti (not an ordained monk but a simple lay bodhisattva) resembled his own position.

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Taishō 2186

Volume 56

A commentary on the Vimalakīrtinirdeśa-sūtra (Taisho 27), this work is one of the “Commentaries on Three Sūtras” (Jp. San-gyō-gi-sho) composed by Prince Shōtoku. The protagonist Vimalakīrti, not an ordained monk but a simple lay bodhisattva, yet highly accomplished in understanding, may well have appealed to the Prince. However, doubts about Shōoku’s authorship persist. At present there is no conclusive proof indicating that the work was authored by anyone other than the author of the other two “Commentaries on Three Sūtras.” Therefore a reasonable, if provisional, view is to ascribe all three commentaries to Prince Shōtoku.

Jp. Yuimakyō gisho (維摩經義疏), attributed to Prince Shōtoku. 5 fascicles.

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Dimensions9.5 × 6.5 × 0.9 in
Publishing Date2012
AuthorPrince Shōtoku (Shōtoku Taishi)
TranslatorJamie Hubbard