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The Essentials of the Eight Traditions and The Candle of the Latter Dharma


This volume brings together two influential extra-canonical works,The Essentials of the Eight Traditions and The Candle of the Latter Dharma.

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Essentials of the Eight Schools:

A concise account of the history and doctrines of the eight prin­cipal Buddhist schools in existence in Japan at the time of the author, i.e. the six schools which were introduced to Japan during the Nara Period and the two schools introduced by Saichō and Kūkai during the Heian Period. This work may thus be described as an introduction to Japanese Buddhism.

The Candle of the Latter Dharma:

There is within Buddhism the idea that following Śākyamuni’s death the practice of his true teachings will gradually be neglected, passing through the three periods of ‘True Law,’ ‘Imitative Law’ and ‘Last Law.’ In the present “Treatise on the Lamp for the Latter Days of the Law” the author asserts that, since the latter days of the Law are fast approaching, non-observance of the monastic precepts does not necessarily result in dis­qualification as a monk. This work is thus a criticism of the strict adherence by the Buddhist schools based in Nara to the rules of the Hīnayāna tradition regulating monastic ordination.


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Dimensions9.5 × 6.5 × 1 in
Publishing Date1994
TranslatorLeo M. Pruden; Robert Rhodes