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The Madhyama Agama (Middle-length Discourses) Volume IV


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The Madhyama

Āgama (Taishō 26), or Middle-length Discourses, belong to the earliest stratum of Buddhist sutra literature. The dialogues between Śākyamuni Buddha and his disciples and followers present the teachings of early Buddhism on karma, death and rebirth, and the training of the mind in order to reach nirvana. The speakers often make use of parables and tales to illustrate the correct understanding of early doctrine.
The Madhyama Āgama was translated into Chinese from a now lost Indian original in 398 C.E. It corresponds mainly to the Majjhima-nikāya of the Pāli canon, although many of its suttas have parallels in other sections of the Pāli canon.

Volume I, comprising divisions 1–6 and discourses 1–71, was published in 2013. Volume II, comprising divisions

7–11 and discourses 72–131, was published in 2020. Volume III, comprising divisions 11–14 and discourses

132–181, was published in 2022. Volume IV, comprising divisions 15–18 and discourses 182–222, completes the translation of the Madhyama

Āgama, and includes an appendix of tables listing parallels between the Pāli and Chinese discourses.

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Dimensions9.5 × 6.5 × 1.7 in
Publishing Date2024
TranslatorBhikkhu Analayo and Roderick S. Bucknell