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This one volume brings together Huangbo Xiyun’s Essentials of the Transmission of Mind (Ch’üan-hsin fa-yao), Myōan Eisai’s A Treatise on Letting Zen Flourish to Protect the State (Kōzengokokuron), Eihei Dōgen’s A Universal Recommendation for True Zazen (Fukanzazengi), and Keizan Jōkin’s Advice on the Practice of Zazen (Zazenyōjinki). Four works complete in one volume.

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This volume collects the following texts:


Taishō 2003

Volume 48

Essentials of the Transmission of Mind records the teachings of Huangbo Xiyun, the founder of the Huangbo branch of the Chan School in China, and was compiled by one of his lay disciples, Peixiu. This work sets forth with extreme concision the substance of Chan. Xiyun was the teacher of Linji Yixuan (Jpn. Rinzai Gigen), the founder of the Linji (Jp. Rinzai) School, and as a result this record of his teachings has been frequently referred to in China and Japan as a work expounding the fundamentals of the Linji School of Chan. Huangboshan in the title refers to Mt. Huang-bo, the mountain where Xiyun lived, and Duanji was his title as a Chan Master.

Ch. Huangboshan Duanji chanshi chuanxin fayao (黄檗山斷際禪師傳心法要), compiled by Pei-xiu. 1 fascicle.

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Dimensions9.5 × 6.5 × 1.4 in
Publishing Date2005
AuthorHuangbo Xiyun; Myøan Eisai; Eihei Dōgen; and Keizan Jōkin
TranslatorJohn R. McRae; Gishin Tokiwa; Osamu Yoshida; Steven Heine