THANKS to the hard work and leadership of the BDK headquarters in Japan, we are now able to provide free PDF downloads of 45 BDK translations of The Teaching of Buddha — all at no cost to you. Editions are available in most of the world's major languages.

Click this link and you will be taken to a new domain that hosts the many translations for download. Choose your language — from Arabic to Vietnamese, to some languages in editions that are no longer in print, like Esperanto — and you can download the entire book or selected sections as you wish.

Yes, take me to these free downloads of The Teaching of Buddha.


Temporary Hold on Print Editions in Continental United States

For those interested in a print edition, please know that our catalog for The Teaching of Buddha is currently closed for maintenance and updating. We expect to reopen orders soon and appreciate your patience. This closure affects orders for copies of The Teaching of Buddha to be sent to addresses within the contiental United States. 

For addresses outside the U.S. continent, please see our list of BDK Affiliated Offices.