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McMaster University

May 11-12, 2024

More than 20 Buddhist Studies scholars from across Canada gathered for a workshop at McMaster University to exchange ideas about research, teaching, graduate programs and collaborative opportunities.  Organized by the Centre for Buddhist Studies at McMaster University, the workshop was opened by Professor James Benn, Centre Director, and featured a keynote speech by Prof. Susan Andrews of Mount Alison University.

            On the second day of the workshop, all participants gave short accounts of their work and concerns, followed by lively discussions about current challenges and prospects for the future.  The range of interests and activities was impressive and covered all aspects of Buddhist Studies, including a recent composition of a musical comedy about the appropriation of Buddhism in Canada.  

            The workshop was sponsored by the University of Toronto/McMaster University Numata Program in Buddhist Studies and BDK Canada.  BDK representatives included Yasuo Honjo (Canada), Harumi Aoki, Satoshi Shaku (Japan), Mikio Yamashita, Brian Nagata and George Tanabe (America).