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Tannishō: Passages Deploring Deviations of Faith and Rennyo Shōnin Ofumi: The Letters of Rennyo


Together in a single volume, here are the classic and concise Tannisho, distilling Shinran Shonin’s spiritual insights, along with the letters of his lineal successor, generations later, Rennyo Shonin.

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Taishō 2661

Volume 83

Tannishō: Passages Deploring Deviations of Faith

Tannishō: Passages Deploring Deviations of Faith was composed to correct a number of conflicting views and resolve the doubts of followers of the Shin, or Jōdo Shinshū (True Pure Land) tradition of Pure Land Buddhism, after the death of the tradition’s founder, Shinran. After Shinran passed away, a variety of views on important concepts like “faith” arose, disrupting the followers of the tradition. The present work records the words of Shinran to elucidate the true significance of the idea of “Other Power.” The work is divided into 18 short sections, the first ten of which record the teachings as heard by the author directly from Shinran. Remaining eight sections discuss and criticize the various heterodox views. This work may be the most well-known Buddhist work to have been produced in Japan and has been translated into many foreign languages. 

Jp. Tannishō (歎異抄), compiled by Yuien. 1 fascicle.

Taishō 2668

Volume 83

Rennyo Shōnin Ofumi: The Letters of Rennyo

Rennyo Shōnin Ofumi: The Letters of Rennyo (also known as the Gobunshō, or simply Ofumi) collects letters written by Rennyo, the eighth patriarch of the Jōdo Shinshū (True Pure Land) tradition of the Pure Land school of Buddhism, addressed to followers on specific doctrines. The collection consists of 80 letters divided into five fascicles. The identity of the compiler is not yet a matter of complete certainty, but it is generally considered that the ninth patriarch Jitsunyo had his son Ennyo put this work together. The contents are of a nature readily understood, and even today it is used in all sects of the Jōdo Shinshū tradition for the purpose of recitation and as subject matter for sermons. There are therefore many passages which should be familiar to practitioners in the Jodo Shinshu tradition of the Pure Land School. 

Jp. Rennyo shōnin ofumi (蓮如上人御文), likely compiled by Ennyo Kōyū. 5 fascicles.

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Dimensions9.5 × 6.5 × 0.7 in
Publishing Date1996
AuthorYuienbō as to "Tannisho"; Rennyo Shōnin Ofumi as to "Letters"
TranslatorShojun Bando with Harold Stewart; Ann Rogers and Minor Rogers